March 6, 2014 – Panel Discussion

Please join us on Thurs. March 6th at 7 p.m. for a panel discussion “Emotional sustainability in animal rights activism: coping with emotional fallout and trauma.”

Panelists: Caroline Audet (Toronto March to Close Down all Slaughterhouses, Meat Abolition Movement) Brenda Bronfman (Wishing Well Sanctuary), Anita Krajnc (Toronto Pig/Cow/Chicken Save Movement), and Paul York (AR Academy, University of Toronto Animal Rights Club.)

Each panelist will speak for roughly 15 minutes, followed by a 10 minute break and discussion. Some of the issues that may be discussed: PTSD, avoiding activist burnout and managing activist stress, dealing with sadness and anger arising from exposure to animal suffering and human indifference to it, guilt for meat-eating or for not doing enough to help animals, balancing activism and other aspects of life (work, personal life), the stress caused by internal politics in the movement, etc., dealing with feelings of hopelessness and frustration at the seeming lack of progress, how to stay motivated over the long run and learning to make animal activism a sustainable life-long pursuit, finding your niche within the movement.

Location: Room 570 of 100 St. George St. (basement, purple block) at University of Toronto.

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