May 22, 2014 – Lynn Kavanagh

Please join us on May 22nd / 7 pm / room SS 570 (one floor below main), 100 St. George St., for a presentation by Lynn Kavanagh: ‘Fish Have Feelings, Too.’

Like other animals exploited for food by humans, fish suffer painful deaths in commercial fisheries and in intensive fish farms from over-crowding and disease. Yet, despite their capacity for suffering and the staggering number of them killed for food (trillions each year), the plight of fish is given less attention than other factory-farmed animals.

Commercial fishing is an assault to the world’s oceans, not only by causing suffering to mass quantities of fish, but by harming fragile ecosystems and killing other creatures in their wake (often called ‘bycatch’).

Lynn will present an overview of fish farming and harmful commercial fishing methods and discuss ways we can advocate for these animals and their ecosystems.

Lynn has been a Director with the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals ( for eight years and works as a Campaigner with the World Society for the Protection of AnimalARAs (