May 29, 2014 – Agnes Cseke

Please join us on May 29th / 7 pm / room SS 570 (one floor below main), 100 St. George St., for a presentation by Agnes Cseke: ‘Reflecting on the Dairy Industry and the Power of its Public Relations.’

“The video presentation has 3 distinctive parts that show three information sources promoted by the dairy industry itself. Of course there are other sources like billboards, magazines ads…etc. but I chose to present these ones in hopes that it will generate a conversation among us.
1) A Dairy Farmers’ presentation at Canadian National Exhibition in August 2013.
2) Some short videos produced by Dairy Farmers of Canada.
3) Various tv ads for the Dairy Industry.”

Agnes is a videographer with a lifelong interest in human rights and the environment. Her work documents aspects of various anti-oppression movements, including human rights/peace groups such as Act for Disarmament (now called Act for the Earth), Homes not Bombs, and War Resisters.

Writes Agnes, “in 2012 I started paying attention to the Animal Rights movement and I started educating myself on the vegan way of life, on factory farming and all their negative consequences on the environment and the terrible suffering that animals go through. I found that this movement encompasses Human rights and animal rights in the same time and it will lead to a right and peaceful world for All.”

Agnes Cseke