Wild Bird Advocacy in Ontario

On March 27, 2014, Barry Kent MacKay, journalist, orthinologist, and bird illustrator, spoke at Animal Rights Academy on wild bird advocacy in Ontario. A podcast of the lecture is below. The podcast is in two parts; the main lecture and the Q&A. Thank you to Carole Iritz and Paul Jenkins for recording the lecture.

Barry Kent Mackay lecture

Barry Kent Mackay Q&A

Barry MacKayBarry has played a prominent role in Canada’ animal advocacy movement for many years: He was a founding director of Zoocheck-Canada; a founding director of the Animal Alliance of Canada; a founding member of Species Survival Network; a member and former executive officer of the Toronto Ornithological Club; a member and former director of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists; a former director of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies; a former director of the Toronto Humane Society; a former director of the Canadian Society for Endangered Birds — to name just some of his affiliations.

Barry is also an accomplished artist. He was named the year’s artist for 2013 by Environment for the Americas’ International Migratory Bird Day, and the 2013 artist of the year by Bird Studies Canada.